Southern California

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30 arc-second grid resolution ~ Apprx. 1km horizontal resolution. Elevation in meters.

To view the iView4D .sd files, you will need to download the iView4D viewing software which is provided free-of-charge from their website (registration required).

Additionally, you may also download our Google Earth .kmz file containing rasterized bathymetry images.

Data provided by: The National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)
Visualization by: The Scripps Institution of Oceanography's Visualization Center

Metadata for the regions is available here.

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Divins, D.L., and D. Metzger, NGDC Coastal Relief Model, Retrieved date goes here, Download provided by the Southern California Coastal Ocean Observing System

3 Arc-Second Coastal Relief Model Development

Currently, the soundings used to create the East Coast grids are referenced to two vertical datums and various horizontal datums. The vertical datums are mean low water (89% of the surveys) and mean lower low water (11%) of the surveys). The primary horizontal datums used were the NAD27 ellipsoid for soundings collected up until 1987-88, and the NAD83 ellipsoid for soundings collected since then. Despite their lack of uniformity, the different horizontal and vertical datums do not significantly alter the accuracy of the East Coast grids. This is because there is little difference in elevation between mean low water and mean lower low water in the gridding region, and the horizontal differences between the ellipsoids is less than the horizontal resolution of the cells within the grids (i.e.,<90m).

Alternate Sources of Bathymetry Data